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About Our Sydney-based Tutoring Programs

All our programs are based on the NSW Syllabuses in English and Mathematics developed by the Board of Studies.

Primary school programs

Our programs that are designed to help students with learning difficulties are based on the K–6 Support Document for Students with Special Education Needs (Board of Studies) as well as the regular mainstream NSW Board of Studies Syllabuses.

Literacy Numeracy
- reading - logical thinking
- grammar - reasoning with numbers
- spelling - concepts of quantity
- handwriting (NSW Foundation handwriting) - addition/subtraction
- reading comprehension - multiplication/division
- text types: - fractions/decimals
- recount - patterns
- narrative - chance
- procedure - area/length/volume/capacity
- information report - time
- explanation - 2d/3d space
- discussion - algebra
- exposition
- description
- poetry

High-School (Secondary) Numeracy Programs



Fractions and Decimals




Number Patterns

Algebraic Techniques

Linear Relationships

Square roots

Coordinate Geometry




Surface Area and Volume




Circle Geometry

Logarithmic and Exponential Function

School readiness program

Our school readiness program involves a range of activities in a number of areas including:

– number knowledge and formation

– letter awareness and formation

– social interaction skills

– conversational skills (focus on answering who, what, when, how)

– attention

– fine motor skills

– memory activities and memory recall

– problem solving activities

– visual discrimination tasks

Holiday Tutoring

We offer private home tutoring during the summer school holidays to assist in preparing for the upcoming academic year and to consolidate previous learning. Tutoring times are flexible throughout the day and early evening in the holiday period.

Preparation for NAPLAN Testing

The National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 is held every May. We help students prepare for NAPLAN tests by focusing on reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy skills. We also offer specifically designed programs for students wishing to improve their NAPLAN tests report results in the future or to accelerate their rate of growth in literacy and numeracy skills.

Online Tutoring

We understand that it is not always possible to have your child tutored in a learning centre or have a tutor come to your home. In these situations, remote online tutoring is a perfect solution. It provides all of the benefits of private one-to-one tutoring but is available to students in remote areas or with busy schedules where it would be impossible or inconvenient to organise traditional private tutoring.

Based on our experience, online private tutoring proves helpful in:

· assisting primary and high-school aged children with English and Maths;

· assisting with day-to-day school homework and essays ; and

· teaching English to children from a non English background.

Online tutoring brings all the benefits of private one-to-one tutoring as well as:

· eliminating the need to drop your children off anywhere;

· allowing children study from home; and

· allowing parents to listen and watch progress if they wish to.


ESL Programs

Our ESL one to one tutoring programs are designed for both adults and children. They are individually tailored programs. These programs include

- Conversational english 

- Grammar

- Reading and reading comprehension

- Listening comprehension

- Writing

- Vocabulary


If you are interested in any of our English and Mathematics tutoring programs in Sydney, please contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

Private home tutoring of English and Maths for primary and high-school aged children in the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Sydney.