Starting high school can be overwhelming for students as well as their parents and other family members. There are many reasons why this is so;

  • a new campus
  • new friends
  • usually more students than primary school
  • totally different time table to primary school
  • increase in the amount of school work
  • new teacher for every subject

Soon after settling into the first week of Year 7 assessments and assignments can start piling up. Then comes end of topic tests, term tests, mid year and final year exams.

Students need to be a lot more independent and self motivated compared to during their primary school years.  Our tutors have strategies to help students in Year 7 to become independent, organized, self-motivated. Our tutors help students to have an overall positive approach to handling the changes involved in Transitioning from Primary School to High School environment. We even have some strategies for parents!

We can help students to make the transition from primary school to high school more manageable.

Contact us for more information and support for handling the transition. It’s our specialty.